Fukushima radiation and nuclear disaster (still ongoing) links

Regularly updated information in English on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Below are links to the Fukushima feeds from relatively reputable news, information and comment sites. Bookmark them or join their RSS feeds – it simplifies trawling for the latest information and contrasting views. Always check the date of information – it is dating quickly, and ask yourself who is telling you what and why. 

Radiation in Fukushima prefecture
Please note that if visiting Fukushima or affected areas of Japan (most of Tohoku and Kanto, with areas almost down to Kansai affected in places), it is important to inform yourself about levels of radiation: in the air, in soil and the physical environment, water and especially in food. It is worth being radiation aware in terms of food wherever you are buying in Japan, especially if you are a young female or have children. My summary of some issues to think about (relevant to all adults but aimed at parents) is here.

Swiss site with Fukushima potential particle dispersion (not levels), wind and rain prediction map for Japan,  which gives a useful idea to help decide your behaviour, eg allowing children to play outside or not. 
This is a really key thing you would need in the even of a nuclear accident near you.  Because the Japanese government withheld similar information from the Speedi system at the time of the accident many people, including children, were unnecessarily exposed to the radioactive plume, for example evacuating into its path. Check with your local authorities to ensure that this will be provided in the event of a nuclear accident in your country.

Tepco's live webcam at Fukushima Daichi

Fukushima Prefectural Government English homepage:

Fukushima International Association page with links to recent radiation level readings:

News and comment
New York Times newspaper list of articles. The New York Times has consistently given the best in depth coverage of any western broadsheet.
I recommend signing up for e-mail alerts on articles relating to Fukushima - navigate to the news alerts page - there seems to be more articles than the search brings up and you get them in your in-box.

Ex-skf is a bi-lingual nuclear sceptic blogger providing a lot of detail from a wide variety of international sources but focussing on Japanese academics and media, government information and Tepco, translated into English with links to the originals and a site in Japanese if preferred.

World leading and highly respected scientific journal ‘Nature’: all their coverage of the Fulushima disaster

UK New Scientist magazine

Scientific American magazine

The UK Guardian newspaper’s list of articles  (they are currently editorially pro-nuclear and have gone very quiet as the year has continued)

UK BBC list of stories

Al Jazeera’s Japan disaster feed:

The Asia Pacific Journal carries scholarly articles relating to Fukushima, enter 'Fukushima' as a keyword in the search box.

Kyodo News Agency nuclear crisis articles

Energy News: a site that gathers news items related to nuclear energy

The Huffington Post search results on Fukushima

Bloomberg American international business news site search results on Fukushima

If you find any other sites that are collections of reputable and reasonably accountable information, or any mistakes here, please let me know.

Cheers, Geoff


  1. beautifulgirlbydana on youtube is a site that might scare you but he's got the facts and the truth! He presents it all with a passion! The nuke industry has been on a mission to destroy him! His truth can't be disputed but he's sometimes he's grating on the nerves! msmilkytheclown1 is another very informative site on youtube! Dana is by far the most raw and in your face factual site with details few others report! He's not afraid of telling the truth! Thank you for this site of yours! If you look to the main stream media, government, internet etc...you will come to believe all is wonderful and healthy in fukushima! They are treating it as the greatest place to visit and get your food from!It is so insane and infuriating when you know the truth and facts about Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns!

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