Thursday, 17 February 2011

Snow festival giant

Every house should have one: our 2.5 metre snow giant

It's Nakagawa snow festival at the weekend, and having missed the more famous Tadami snow festival once again through being in Tokyo, I decided to get with the programme and do something with the snow other than shovelling it away from the entrance. I shovelled it back towards the entrance.

There's a bit of a "Roy Wood and Hagrid meet that guy with the octopus beard in Pirates of the Caribean at Karl Marx's gravestone" kinda thing going on here don'tcha think?

Tadami festival apparently had a Taj Mahal with arches and arcades you could walk under made by the army, sorry, Ground Self Defence Force. My son and I decided to make do with a more modest one for our first go, though you can sit on it if you are under 10. He was a big help with gathering the snow, although much of it arrived in the form of big chunks tossed in the direction of my head - entirely accidental I'm sure. He made the hands and feet though, before reverting to the aerial bombardment. Where are the GSDF when you need them?


  1. Wonderful job! I wanna sit on it... ha ha.
    Was that a kind of competition of snow arts? Then, you must win something. Hmmmm, I want to go to Kaneyama!!

  2. Thanks, it was fun to do- I like watching motorists doing a double take as they sail by. Sadly it is going the way of all snow, as we have had a thaw on for the last few days... featureless blobs don't have the same impact, and I should know, I have got a mirror. There was a competition, but I couldn't see it happening anywhere at the festival today, so who knows?